Re>Think Local Free Advisory Services Program

It is often said that owning a business is the loneliest Job in the world.

One of the advantages large companies have is large teams to brain storm the best choices for initiatives and what seems like unlimited resources to hire experts to help. Small businesses have none of that, until now.

Re>Think Local is here to help. As a trial run from July 15 through August 31, 2013 we will offer a free general business advisory session or a free general legal session to our current members. Our Executive Director Ajax Greene is a seasoned serial social entrepreneur and business advisor, and board member Gary Schuster is an experienced business attorney.  Feel free to access one or both (depending on availability).  They are happy to have one (1) FREE no obligation advisory session at your place of business, over coffee or by phone or Skype. Please call 845-790-8110, leave a message and the appropriate one of us will get back to you to set up a mutually convenient appointment. No company or business challenge is too big or too small for this exciting program. Please feel free to share with friends and colleagues who might want to join Re>Think Local so they too can enjoy this amazing benefit of membership (worth hundreds of dollars far beyond the cost of membership). If this trial goes well, we will look to find ways to continue the program in the future. All discussions with you are strictly confidential. Don’t be shy call us today.

timthumb.phpWe are very grateful to Ajax Greene for our Re>Think Local consultation. The timing was perfect. We had lots of questions and concerns regarding a new for profit venture that has emerged from our nonprofit organization. Ajax walked us through the process, discussed the benefits and potential pitfalls and advised us on matters of operation, corporate structure, growth strategy and integration. In a very short meeting, Ajax was able to pinpoint the key areas we need to focus on to move the project forward. It was an incredibly useful consultation.

Our mission — to create a better world by nurturing and empowering youth and community through the arts — is vital to the local economy.  After our session with Ajax, we feel better equipped to navigate the for-profit world in order to help fulfill this mission. What a valuable membership perk! Thanks, Ajax.

~ Evry Mann, Executive Director, Center for Creative Education (Kingston)

Unknown-2Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with me about Karmabee. As a small and relatively new business, it’s tremendously helpful to have the outside perspective of someone experienced with many types of businesses and with an authentic interest in helping me grow and succeed!

~ Karen Berelowitz Karmabee Kingston, NY

About Ajax Greene
Ajax is a well known and respected serial social entrepreneur/CSR evangelist/ trusted generalist business advisor/connector of confidential business transactions.

Ajax has turned his abundant creativity, talent and positive energy to building organizations and a community that expresses a deep commitment to being conscious of the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity. As a former world class rock climber and adventure athlete he understands commitment, drive and vision!

Ajax has deep experience leading and advising organizations from in a wide variety of industries from fitness to pharma, from retail to manufacturing from clean tech to e-commerce. Doubling one company’s gross revenue while more than doubling profits, personally generating 70% of a start up manufacturer’s revenue, award winning marketing programs, building highly regarded world class teams and industry changing strategic thinking are what Ajax can bring to you and your organization.

About Gary Schuster

Gary’s varied practice includes formation, transactions and counseling for corporations, LLCs, partnerships and many kinds of not-for-profits; purchases and sales of businesses; commercial and residential real estate transactions and leasing; estate planning, administration and litigation; guardianship proceedings; and media, copyright and trademark.

Gary has served on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations and now serves on the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON), the Orange County Arts Council and ReThink Local. He represents numerous nonprofits and also volunteers for Charity Corps, a program of the New York State Attorney General that aims to strengthen nonprofit governance and compliance with nonprofit laws.

Gary has been a leader in educating the public about New York’s new benefit corporation. His writing about B Corps is found in the Business Law section of the J&G blog.


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