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About Scott Tillitt

Scott is a co-founder and the Board Chair of Re>Think Local, as well as founder of BEAHIVE, spaces for work and community collaboration, and Antidote Collective, which does communications and projects for a better world (bio). He moved to Beacon from Brooklyn in 2006.

Re>Thinking Localism in the Hudson Valley

You may not have heard much from us lately. Let me tell you why. I’ll start by first highlighting our work over the last couple of years — and then hint at where we may be headed. Continue reading

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Announcing Winners of the Re>Think Community Business Collaboration

We envision pollinating a number of social enterprises over the coming years that will further our mission, have some positive impact in our communities, and help sustain our nonprofit financially. They could be fully owned by Re>Think or partnerships with others. They could be businesses that start on the back of a napkin, or an existing … Continue reading

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Slow Activism

In this TED Talk, “How the Internet has made social change easy to organize, hard to win,” techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci makes an argument against digital activism, exclusively. And an argument for what I’ll call “slow activism.” Continue reading

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Transforming Capitalism: A Conversation on ‘Woodstock Roundtable’

The traditional models of social impact are limited. Capitalism and corporations have probably a bigger influence in our lives than nonprofits do. So why not change these systems that have failed us? That’s the focus of this engaging conversation between Re>Think co-founder and board chair Scott Tillitt and Doug Grunther, host of Woodstock Roundtable on Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST. Continue reading

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Seeking: Executive Director

A new executive director is critical to our continued success. The ED should have breadth and depth in both strategic aptitude and tactical prowess. Perhaps more importantly, the ED must buy into a shared vision of Re>Think’s mission. Continue reading

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TEDxLongDock: This is What Community Looks Like

Nothing I’ve done has been as personally fulfilling as what transpired in Beacon, NY, on June 7, the culmination of months and months of planning and hard, selfless work with a small, dedicated team. Continue reading

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Save Us. Be Creative!

Think about how many of your friends and acquaintances work for themselves — not just those with their own business, but also those who freelance or consult (whether full or part time). How many consider themselves “creative”? Chances are, you know a lot. While the positive impact of cultural institutions is pretty much conventional wisdom at this point, the larger creative economy that includes DIY (do-it-yourself) makers and small, creative businesses is less understood. Continue reading

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