Why Your Values Matter

By Ajax Greene In today’s business climate, change is constant. It is incredible difficult to keep up. In this challenging environment, large companies are doing a better job communicating their values than locally owned, independent businesses, even though these large companies are better at communicating their values than they are at actually living those values. … Continue reading

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Locally Sourced Menus: More flavor, more nutrition and better for your community

Author: Jessica Ridgeway Is there anything better than a fresh, ripe, juicy tomato? Yes. When it’s used to make your favorite dish and it tastes better, costs less, and contributes up to 4x more to the community. Is it possible? Yes, if those tomatoes were purchased from a local grower. From farmers markets to CSAs, … Continue reading

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Why start Go Local Hudson Valley now?

For the past decade, the Hudson Valley has had various “buy local” programs. We are grateful to all the various organizations for their early work bringing attention to this important topic. Why start Go Local Hudson Valley now? It’s time to go to the next level. To my knowledge all of the previous Hudson Valley … Continue reading

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Slow Activism

In this TED Talk, “How the Internet has made social change easy to organize, hard to win,” techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci makes an argument against digital activism, exclusively. And an argument for what I’ll call “slow activism.” Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions for a Localist

By Ajax Greene Merry New Year! By all predications and real life early indicators, 2015 has a lot of potential for abundance and prosperity. For many, a welcome transition.   Have you considered making a deeper commitment to Localism in 2015? There are lots of Buy Local campaigns every where you look. They are wonderful, … Continue reading

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Re>Thinking 2015: A Look Ahead

Our executive director Lucinda Poindexter is excited about the year ahead for Re>Think Local, our members, and herself. Here is just a sampling of upcoming endeavors. We hope you will join us wherever and whenever you can. Continue reading

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Transforming Capitalism: A Conversation on ‘Woodstock Roundtable’

The traditional models of social impact are limited. Capitalism and corporations have probably a bigger influence in our lives than nonprofits do. So why not change these systems that have failed us? That’s the focus of this engaging conversation between Re>Think co-founder and board chair Scott Tillitt and Doug Grunther, host of Woodstock Roundtable on Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST. Continue reading

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Gratitude: by Ajax Greene

It was a tough year for me, 2014: about the worst ever financially, tough emotionally and physically. Normally a people person, I have been more withdrawn than normal. I think 2014 was a crescendo of a tough decade of ups and downs. So why am I grateful? When things are tough I am forced to … Continue reading

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Hudson Valley Regional Congress: Takeaways + Next Steps

If you didn’t attend the Hudson Valley Regional Congress, here are some highlights from the evening. The three big topics of discussion were local procurement, access to capital and benefit corporations. Just behind was a fracking ban/oil & gas infrastructure and clean water. Ralph Erenzo, co-founder of Tuthilltown Spirits, made the case for business leaders to engage in the policy … Continue reading

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Why Business Policy Activism is Important to You

By: Ajax Greene Last spring I went to Albany with some my fellow members of the New York State Sustainable Business Council to lobby on behalf of New York State businesses. This particular day we were focused on chemical safety, specifically regulating those used in children’s products and fracking waste water. The legislature was in … Continue reading

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