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Re>Thinking Localism in the Hudson Valley

You may not have heard much from us lately. Let me tell you why. I’ll start by first highlighting our work over the last couple of years — and then hint at where we may be headed. Continue reading

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Why start Go Local Hudson Valley now?

For the past decade, the Hudson Valley has had various “buy local” programs. We are grateful to all the various organizations for their early work bringing attention to this important topic. Why start Go Local Hudson Valley now? It’s time to go to the next level. To my knowledge all of the previous Hudson Valley … Continue reading

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Transforming Capitalism: A Conversation on ‘Woodstock Roundtable’

The traditional models of social impact are limited. Capitalism and corporations have probably a bigger influence in our lives than nonprofits do. So why not change these systems that have failed us? That’s the focus of this engaging conversation between Re>Think co-founder and board chair Scott Tillitt and Doug Grunther, host of Woodstock Roundtable on Radio Woodstock 100.1 WDST. Continue reading

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Judy Wicks the BALLE Mama

In 2000 at my second of many Social Venture Network conferences held that year at the Mohonk Mountain House (Localism has deep roots right here in the Hudson Valley), I responded to an announcement by Judy Wicks about starting a new organization. Over a two-year period and two retreats at Judy’s weekend homes in the … Continue reading

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In Me, On Me, Around Me

At a recent peer circle meeting (a group of fellow CEOs), my friend Raphael Bemporad of NYC-based brand innovation studio BBMG shared some primary research the agency had done. He introduced an intriguing sustainability concept:  “in me, on me, around me.” The local and organic food movements are the “in me” part of the equation. From both psychological and biological standpoints, we … Continue reading

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Success, the Flu, and Building a Tribe

Owning your own business, or perhaps freelancing, is the loneliest job in the world. Your spouse or significant other may be deeply supportive, but they may not be the best person to discuss why it is your business is booming, while cash flow sucks. Your friends or brother-in-law: again, maybe supportive — but they work for an organization and don’t understand … Continue reading

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Be a Stakeholder!

What is a stakeholder? All companies have them. And all of us are one. Stakeholders are customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, and shareholders. Stakeholders are members of the community where a company resides or does business. And we are all have a stake in the environment. Why is being a stakeholder so important? The old economy … Continue reading

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