Education and community building are at the top of the list for Re>Think Local in 2016. We have three main goals this year:

> To raise awareness and deepen knowledge about localism and triple-bottom-line economic thinking (placing equal emphasis on a healthy environment, community well-being, and financial profit) and see more local independent business owners in the Mid-Hudson Valley bringing sustainable practices into their work.

> To grow a group of values-aligned local independent business owners across the Mid-Hudson Valley who identify as localists and care about and support one another. We are using “business” in the broad sense – this group includes everyone who runs an enterprise here: retailers, farmers, artists & makers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, builders, service providers, restaurants, freelancers, nonprofits, and more… all of us.

> To share information on successful localism models and solutions employed by businesses and communities, and facilitate a co-creation process to engage local independent business owners in identifying challenges and opportunities for collaboration and support.

In 2016 we are holding networking events, conferences & workshops, and speaker events in Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess Counties. We are sharing information online and through the media. As more details become available for our activities, we will be posting them here and adding them to our events page.

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RE>MIX (monthly networking event)
When you walk into a RE>MIX one thing is immediately apparent: this is not your typical business networking event. Over the course of a couple hours, you might find yourself chatting with a graphic designer, chef, web developer, bookstore proprietor, organic farmer, magazine publisher, accountant, musician, brewer. The energy and excitement at these events is palpable – it doesn’t feel like networking, it feels like a celebration. Held monthly at some of the best locally owned Hudson Valley eateries, micro-breweries, and wineries, the RE>MIX is where values-aligned local independent business owners are connecting, getting to know one another, sharing ideas and discovering the Re>Think community.

This series highlights what community leaders and local independent business owners in the Hudson Valley, and beyond, are doing to re-build and revitalize the local economy. The events are deep dives into putting the people-planet-profit mindset into practice, who is doing it, how they’re doing it, and the impacts they’ve seen within their own values-aligned enterprises and in their communities.

This workshop covers the nuts and bolts of the localism movement: what is a local living economy, what is the triple-bottom-line, what is happening in the localism movement around the country, how to integrate localism and triple-bottom-line values into business operations, how to leverage these values in marketing and communications. This educational workshop is offered periodically and can be tailored for presentation to groups upon request.

We are partnering with the American Booksellers Association and research firm Civic Economics in a survey comparing the economic benefits of supporting locally owned independent Hudson Valley retailers and restaurants with that of corporate chains.  Local retailers and restaurateurs in Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange counties are invited to participate, and results will be announced just before the holiday shopping season begins.

Buying locally is the foundation of a sustainable local economy, so we’re going to educate the public on the personal, economic, and community benefits of going local.

This open-ended series will bring together businesses and groups involved in a specific local economy building block, for a half- or full-day conference to share information, discuss challenges, network and lay the foundation for co-creation. Each conference will feature speakers from the Hudson Valley and beyond to share successful triple bottom line practices, local sourcing tips, marketing solutions, and models for collaboration. The format will include presentations and interactive breakout sessions to go deeper.

RE>GROUP (periodic)
Re>Groups are one of Re>Think Local’s mechanisms for ongoing collaboration and co-creation. After conferences, we come together as a working group to further the discussions, explore opportunities and challenges, and ultimately birth a course of action we can take together to build a vibrant, sustainable, locally rooted economy. Conference attendees and Re>Think Local members are welcome to attend.

We are also supporting the development of a mutual credit network, the HUDSON VALLEY CURRENT (aka a currency exchange or barter network).

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