GO LOCAL Hudson Valley


Buying locally is the foundation of a sustainable local economy, and research showing the value of supporting locally owned independent businesses has expanded dramatically over the past decade. Across America, local independent business owners are banding together to leverage the data in public awareness and promotional campaigns, and Re>Think Local will do just that in its new program GO LOCAL Hudson Valley.


Equal parts public awareness campaign, local business promotion, and grassroots organizing, GO LOCAL Hudson Valley is Re>Think Local’s platform to help owners build their local businesses, while together we build a movement. Through this creative program to educate the public on the personal, economic, and community benefits of supporting local independents, GO LOCAL Hudson Valley will inspire citizens, businesses, and nonprofit leaders to pledge to shift a portion of their shopping, eating/dining, banking, charitable giving, and procuring to local.

Program features include:


Personalized “GO LOCAL” photos
Taken at each participant’s place of business, with homemade signage conveying their unique contribution to our place.




GoLocalDecal-v4In-store materials
Window decal, poster, postcards, stickers and GO LOCAL toolkit with tips, templates for communications and other materials to help educate customers and clients and shift local buying habits.


GoLocal-Chronogram-Page-FINALMedia promotion
Full page ads (“GO LOCAL pages”) in Chronogram, additional promotional opportunities through print, radio, and online partners.
Dedicated website with fully searchable directory; member profiles; photos, videos and stories personalizing local businesses and their importance to our community, economy, and environmental sustainability; research showing the economic and social benefits of supporting local; call to action pages where citizens and businesses can take the pledge to go local and calculate their impact; tips on how to shift spending; top local indie biz recommendations; and participant news, events and offers.

Additional activities will include coordinated social media, email blasts, special events, cash mobs, contests, rewards, incentives, and more — building excitement, increasing exposure, and inspiring action.

Re>Think Local members are automatically enrolled in GO LOCAL Hudson Valley, which includes the opportunity to participate in our discounted ad program.

CLICK HERE to go to the website and to learn about taking the pledge to shift 10% of your spending.

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